ShuckermanTM has been hired by ACME Oyster Company to try and destroy PsychoShuckerTM and take over the Rival Company they are in fierce competition with The Blue Fish Oyster Company.


Vinnie is a regular Customer at The Raw Bar and is always coming in bullying Jamie and harassing him at work.


PsychoShuckerTM is Jamies alias and he has the ability to Run, Jump and Shuck at superhuman speeds. After his initial Raw Bar Accident he terrorized the Town of Key Haven but has now been hired by The BlueFish Oyster Company to protect their Oyster Beds and operations.


MongoFish is a Large Toxic Fish who is The Raw Bars Official Fish Mascot. He swims out back of The Raw Bar. The Cooks feed him anything and everything they no longer need or want.


Big Helen is the Head Waitress at The Raw Bar and has worked there for 60 years. She is an amazing waitress and is tough as nails. She is very critical of Jamie and his performance as an Oyster Shucker at the Raw Bar.


Jamie is the Slowest Oyster Shucker ever recorded in History. After a Bizarre accident at The Raw Bar he becomes PsychoshuckerTM